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CHERELLA GESSEL Photo & concept by Fana Richters

Rare photo of Madame Masséna Peralte, circa 1936. CIDIHCA Archives. Madame Peralte was Charlemagne Peralte’s mother, the famous Cacos leader opposed to the American Marine Occupation (1915-1934). 

While a law already existed in Haitian cannons to that effect (but had rarely been deployed to the point of having been forgotten by many), in 1916, the Americans re-instituted the corvée, in order to build roads that would facilitate mouvements for the Marines. In practice, the Marines would force every Haitian on chosen locations to work on specific infrastructure projects for that day. Haitian folklore suggests that Prelate’s own mother (who was already an aged lady by this time) had been walking one day when she was taken with a group of Haitians to work on a construction field. This would have in turn enraged (and humiliated) Peralte very deeply. (Source) (Source)

 Afro Nerd Girl  by DigitalCoeliac



Tombouctou, Mali
photo by Brent Stirton

Church Ready. 💒🙌🙏 #ResurrectionDay #Church #Selfie #Lovely



Check out my outfit form last night’s Isabel Toldeo show. Got this thrifted sweater dress for $1

Thrifted Sweater Dress

One dollar!!!

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1. Have a colorblind mentality

2. Gotta have a lot of friends in which you allow them to treat you like their “token” black friend

3. Must think We Can’t Stop is an awesome song

4. Swear you’re the only black girl who thinks twerking is “ratchet”

5. Swear you’re the only black…

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Toyin Oyeneye, Seun Kobina & Ayo Morafa

T.I. Nathan Bespoke by Designer Temitayo Nathan Illesanmi 

'Solace' Collection - Spring/ Summer 14

Photography: Tope Horpload

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Check out my article over on AfroPunk— featuring the genius Florence Adepoju, creator of MDMflow, the vibrant lipstick line representing a clash of the late 90’s and early 2000’s rhythmic hip hop culture.

Her colors go beyond any MAC palette!

Check the article out http://www.afropunk.com/profiles/blogs/ap-fashion-mdmflow-young-scientist-florence-adepoju-s-lipstick


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she don’t know yet but when black moms do that, you about to die.

She got snatched up right after this. I just know it.

I’m dead. Her face “I’m about to fuck this little girl up!”

Her face said “keep playing little girl. I got something for that ass”

Dearly Beloved we are gathered here today to pay our respects to this little black girl for her boldness that lead to one the most painful and longest of  ass whoopings in recent history

Oh my god. Dis how my aunties used to look at me when I was bout to get my behind tore


Scarier than anything…ever.

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