“When are white/hispanic people gonna stop killing us for being black? When is law enforcement going to start valuing us?”

Why do people gotta make it a race question? This guy is of mixed heritage, most likely has black in him. Sure it might be a case of self-hatred and racism, but to state that “white/hispanic” kill black people is stupid.. -_-    ugh…. 

Are you kidding? 

A case of self-hatred? What are you talking about? Lol

And First you said “Why people gotta make it a race question” then you put “Sure it might be a case of self hatred and racism”? Do you know that contradicts?

The FACT of the matter is that blacks are STILL racially profiled at an alarming rate.

When you wake up from this dream of denial, cope with the fact that innocent blacks are wrongfully convicted of crimes/and or murdered at the expense of crooked cops racist belief systems.

To quote your bio introduction, “The life of a girl who lives in a fantasy of beautful dreams,” sorry but this a nightmare and a reality for us. 


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    "White/Hispanic" seriously nigga? Kill Your self.
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