Is it okay to judge someone by their exes?


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  4. ayabadu answered: Not unless its evident that they haven’t learned from the lessons of the previous relationship.
  5. theconsuelafiles answered: no. people are ever-changing and ever-growing. the person they were with their ex isn’t necessarily the person they are now.
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  7. eclectic-party answered: NO!!!! thats there past shouldnt have to bring anything up about your past relationships or exs
  8. funsunshinesea answered: yes
  9. metallicslivers answered: yes, you can tell a lot about a person’s self-esteem by how they allow themselves to be treated and the people they choose to keep around.
  10. lovevlife answered: you attract what you put out…
  11. shaananigans answered: No, because they’re exes for a reason.
  12. collegekidd answered: You better.
  13. jproof answered: Not judge them per say… but it definitely gives insight…
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  15. buddhavavoon answered: don’t judge, just take note of. if there’s a weird pattern in her/his exes, ask why first. we all got dirt!
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  17. sloneczka answered: depends, but people change and grow, especially w/ each passing relationship
  18. journeywecalllife answered: nope
  19. expressionsofsisca answered: i dont think so
  20. holyhotnessbypvi answered: It’s never OK to ‘judge’… but an ex does offer some insight into the traits someone valued (at that point in their life).
  21. spoopyteenmylittlewholock answered: It depends because sometimes someone’s choices can provide insight into what type of man/woman they prefer. But people change, so no.
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  23. omonamose answered: Its not okay to judge anybody period. You can have your opinions, but until you start living their lives. Just enjoy walking in your shoes.
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  25. mychocolatecity answered: Yes
  26. ruthfullyurs answered: No. That ex was of a moment in their life. People change within those moments and lovers then become exes.
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  28. fattiesoslim answered: No bc after a breakup they’ve learned about themselves, about their likes & dislikes, or what best suits their needs. And those ideas change.
  29. theforeignaffairsblog answered: yes.
  30. lotusreigns answered: No. We all make mistakes.
  31. thebeautyofblack answered: i dont think so, certain circumstances make people act in certain ways
  32. norest4thaweary answered: good question but not really. Depends on what happened, who she/he was and the intention
  33. myweeknd answered: well… no not really but then it also tells you the type of people they attract and what kind of people they are attracted to
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  35. n30n-n01r answered: No, we as a people grow and our personalities, likes & dislikes change. An ex maybe able to tell you who I was but not who I am.
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