Early today I asked the question, “Is it okay to judge someone by their exes?”

Here are some of the responses! Black Love

mr-afrocentric answered: No, we as a people grow and our personalities, likes & dislikes change. An ex maybe able to tell you who I was but not who I am.

myweeknd answered: well… no not really but then it also tells you the type of people they attract and what kind of people they are attracted to

norest4thaweary answered: good question but not really. Depends on what happened, who she/he was and the intention

thebeautyofblack answered: i dont think so, certain circumstances make people act in certain ways

fattiesoslim answered: No bc after a breakup they’ve learned about themselves, about their likes & dislikes, or what best suits their needs. And those ideas change.

ruthfullyurs answered: No. That ex was of a moment in their life. People change within those moments and lovers then become exes.

deliciouslynouz answered: It depends because sometimes someone’s choices can provide insight into what type of man/woman they prefer. But people change, so no.

veronicainspires answered: You can sometimes make a good assumption of where that person was at emotionally/mentally by their choices in the past.

blackmaleintimacy answered: no because ex’s teach us a lot about what we want and don’t want. a bad ex can be like an teacher showing you the way NOT to go.

sloneczka answered: depends, but people change and grow, especially w/ each passing relationship

buddhavavoon answered: don’t judge, just take note of. if there’s a weird pattern in her/his exes, ask why first. we all got dirt!

ajalenae answered: yes, you can tell a lot about a person’s self-esteem by how they allow themselves to be treated and the people they choose to keep around.

Great responses! Thanks for participating. Hope to have these more often! Black love is something that happens naturally, and just like anything in nature, in order for it to survive and grow strong, it has to be nurtured! 

Black Love


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