Because I don’t think the Smith family gets nearly enough credit for diversifying the imagery of black people, the above is a photo collage of all the sci-fi, horror, and other genre media the Smith family has contributed to over the years.

And here are a few upcoming sci-fi/fantasy projects and other genres we don’t see nearly enough people of color in, to be produced by Big Willie’s Overbrook Entertainment:

  • After Earth (formerly One Thousand A.E.) After a crash landing, a father and son explore a planet that was evacuated by humans 1,000 years earlier. (imdb)
  • Untitled Angela Davis Documentary
  • The Last Pharaoh  the story ofTaharqa the Nubian king
  • Amulet based on the popular steampunk children’s book it’s set to star Willow and Jaden Smith
  • Monster Hunter a child psychologist is able to see the monsters that terrorize his patients
  • Angelology based on the novel of the same name, a nun and an angelologist who go against those harnessing the power of angel/human hybrids

For those who think the Smiths’ are overrated. BOOM.


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