Anonymous said: Your blog is incredible and gives necessary insight into the world we live in. I have been wondering this for awhile and hope you might have some advice. As a white woman who is dedicated to social justice, how can I use my privilege in a positive way to help effect change? What is the best way for me, and others, to talk about issues surrounding POC in a way that does not take away the agency of the people I am speaking for/about?

That’s a great question and a question that has been asked alot with the Left movement for the past few years. If you are not already, you need to find a true grassroots anti-sexism and anti-racist organization. In these organizations you participate in current struggles of not just POC but all working class people. True solidarity is one of the greatest tools in any struggle. The value of solidarity is one which promotes cooperative, voluntary mutual aid and association. Instead of domination by a few powerful individuals, social relations should be based on beneficial reciprocity. A popular Zulu saying which stresses the importance of the coming together of individuals for the benefit of all is “isandla siya kezane” or “one hand washes the other”.

Remember confronting and destroying white supremacist capitalist patriarchy doesn’t just benefits blacks or women, it liberates us all.



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