unmoveablebeast said: There are a number of problems with your "White Savior Film Theory" 1) I saw Django, and it was far from a white savior film, although there was an element of "this guy came and set him free allowing him to do all kinds of crazy stuff". But the main issue with your assertion is this: lets not pretend like no white people EVER EVER EVER helped out black people. So for there to be an instance in a movie of White helping Black, it isn't such a big issue and doesn't instantly disqualify any media

That has never been my assertion. It has been many people’s knee jerk reaction to my criticism of the movie and films like it. Broadening the narrative does not necessarily negate existing ones. This is not a case of either or. It’s a call for both. 

When you really understand the white savior model. You begin to see it in a lot of movies. It’s not a random instance, its a conscious decision to create these roles. 

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