Quick Poll: Michael Jackson’s Thriller or Bad?


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  1. spitelee answered: Thriller.
  2. sonofumberluv answered: thriller
  3. e-sta answered: bad
  4. gayblackmalefeminist answered: Both.
  5. aetelier answered: OFF THE WALL!
  6. politerebellion reblogged this from blackandsexytv and added:
    Off The Wall!!
  7. unviedechat answered: Bad! all the way!
  8. labboheme reblogged this from black-culture
  9. alittlebitcool3r answered: THRILLER!
  10. xoxomsmonroe answered: Bad
  11. pamella69 answered: Thriller wins ALL the time!!!
  12. dandridgegirl answered: Thriller,
  13. cmykaffir answered: Thriller!
  14. scarecrowsbane reblogged this from black-culture and added:
    Thiller! Forevermore!
  15. naughtyink reblogged this from black-culture and added:
    Thriller exists outside of the time-space continuum…Bad was just a reminder that MJ was human after all.
  16. rebloggingcauseitscool reblogged this from black-culture and added:
    I’m gonna have to say Off the Wall…
  17. uniquestateofmind answered: Thriller
  18. angrycamera answered: Close, but THRILLER
  19. myhiphopmelody answered: Thriller! (Although bad was great too)
  20. blackulajonez answered: Thriller, this isn’t even a real question/debate.
  21. wakartist answered: Bad is mad crazy good, Thriller is killer so chiller so high I can’t choose and don’t have to
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  23. kambui reblogged this from black-culture and added:
    Off the Wall. Yeah, I know…
  24. thedreamgirldiaries answered: Thriller!
  25. nycpenpusher answered: Really not a fair comparison. thriller was the perfect storm. bad was the follow up after the world had shifted.
  26. shewhodestroys-thelight answered: Thriller!
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  28. drymanwich answered: thriller
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  31. specialaaay answered: Bad. :o)
  32. serveforthestarss answered: Bad
  33. amibluedotcom answered: Bad #unpopularopinion ..but I love it - more!
  34. kita2much answered: Thriller
  35. butprobablywhatever answered: Bad, hands down
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  37. noladarlingg answered: Thriller..
  38. thinkthankthot answered: Thriller. Every track on the album is gold.

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