Halloween is The Purge for White Folk in Blackface and Racism

This Halloween season we were bombarded with horrendous images of white folk dressing up in blackface which forced us as Americans to confront the ugly legacy of racism. Yet, instead of fully awakening to this dark and ugly tradition within white communities, some instead chose to dismiss the anger and pain experienced by many Black folk. Black people were simply being too sensitive and always making an issue racialWhite folk didn’t mean any harm but were only paying homage to the person they portrayed.

How true is that? I refuse to believe white folk don’t know blackface is offensive; they just don’t care.

Historically, blackface was a form of entertainment in which white men portrayed African Americans by blackening their skin with burnt cork or shoe polish. Wearing tattered clothes and curly wigs, the performances mocked Blackness through blatant racist caricatures. These archetypes portraying African Americans as lazy and ignorant, criminal and hyper-sexual, have brutally defiled and defamed Blackness since its inception – causing the widespread internalization of these stereotypes, and thereby creating a skewed view by Blacks and Whites alike.

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What were some of your initial reactions to the recent images of blackface? Were you offended more by others?


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