Libyan Uprising News Update: (via thedailywhat)

Live Updates: CNN, NYT, BBC, Guardian, SkyNews, Al Jazeera, Breaking News.

Background: After months of skirmishes throughout Libya between rebel forces and Gaddafi loyalists, the National Transitional Council officially began its “End Game” assault on Tripoli.

The Battle of Tripoli, codenamed “Operation Mermaid Dawn” in reference to Lybia’s renown as the “Mermaid of the Mediterranean,” was launched last night following the successful rebel costal offensive, which saw anti-Gaddafi forces seize control of strategic cities, most notably Zawiya, effictively cutting off loyalist supply and escape routes.

Rebels staged an uprising inside the Libyan captial to coincide with the anniversary of the legendary Battle of Badr, quickly taking over several neighborhood with little resistence. Rebel forces advancing from east and west entered the city this evening and were met with cheers, celebratory gunfire as they made their way toward the city center (see video below).

Latest updates: According to the National Transitional Council, two of Gaddafi’s sons, Saif al-Islam and Al-Saadi, have been captured by the rebels; ICC confirms Saif al-Islam detained; reports have also surfaced that Gaddafi’s son Muhammad has surrendered.

Gaddafi: “We will fight to the last drop of blood”; audio messages attributed to Gaddafi broadcast on Libyan state TV call for Libyans to “save Tripoli,” rise up in arms against the rebels; government spokesman Moussa Ibrahim claims 1,300 killed 5,000 wounded in last 12 hours, blames NATO; NATO SecGen: “The [Gaddafi] regime is clearly crumbling.”

Libyan government calls for immediate ceasefire talks; NTC approves talks on condition that Gaddafi step down; Gaddafi’s presidential guard reportedly surrenders; rebels claim all Tripoli under their control save for Gaddafi’s Bab al-Aziziyah compound; below: rebels reach Green Square (Martyrs’ Square), massive celebration erupts.

Al Jazeera: African Union may offer Gaddafi exile in Angola, Zimbabwe; NTC: “We want to see Gaddafi put on trial in Libya.”

[photo: aje.]


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