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"As Above, So Below..Man Know Thyself"


I am he who came into being in the form of the infinite power of manifestation (Khepera). I became the Creator of what came into being.  After my coming into being many were the things coming forth from my mouth (words of power). Not existed heaven (Nut), not existed earth (Geb), and creeping things in that place.  I raised them out of Nu, from the state of inactivity.  Not found I a place to stand wherein.  I was alone, for not had I spit out the form of Shu (the thermal yang principle of the world), not had I emitted Tefnut (the moisture, hydrogenoid, yin principle of the world) not existed another who worked with me.  I made a foundation by means of my will, and laid a foundation in the law (Maa), and there came into being the multitude of things.  I was alone.  I became from GOD one, Gods three, that is from out of myself were raised up Shu and Tefnut. Nu (the unmanifested undifferentiated realm) Shu and Tefnut gave birth to Seb (Geb or earth), and Nut (heaven), Seb, and Nut gave birth to Ausar, Herukhent en Maati, Set, Auset, and Nebt-Het.

Philae, Egypte (by www.enna.fr)

red granite obelisk on Flickr.

Giza Pyramids

Edfu temple - the 1st pylon

Cartouche closeup (by Anna & Chad)

British Museum - Tomb-chapel of Nebamun (by Jeff G Photography)

Luxor Temple, Egypt (by World Traveller Plus)

Neue’s stone (by StudioMde)


Aset- Isis
Djehuty- Thoth
Heru- Horus
Het-Hert- Hathor
Nebt-Het- Nepthys
Wesir- Osiris
Yinepu- Anubis
Tem- Atum

 Isfet- Chaos; the opposite of Ma’at.

Kemet- This means “The Black Land” and is the word the Egyptians used for their own nation. The term derives from the rich black soil which…

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I’m about to go in on twitter and on tumblr…

I am reading a book on Numerology, and it says to the effect, that who, where and why Numerology began, but it is often credited to Pythagoras the Greek Philosopher, the ancient Chaldeans, the Brahmins of India and the sages of Ancient China.

I guess, Egypt and Africa didn’t practice numerology.

But wait, the next paragraph it says,  Pythagoras was considered a master mathematician. He is considered the Father of Modern Numerology. That it has been reported he spent many years studying in Egypt learning the ancient science of numbers.

Wait, wait, rewind.

They don’t know where it started, but they list every country except Egypt. Yet go on to credit Pythagoras for Modern Numerology, a Greek who learned it in….Egypt.

White washing. 

Lets see what ancient historians had to say about Pythagoras’s “genius”.

Iamblichus, in the Life of Pythagoras, writes “Pythagoras met all the priests (Egyptian), learning from each what they knew …and it is in these conditions that he passed twenty-two years in the Temples of Egypt… He returned to Greece to teach in a way perfectly similar to the documents by which he had been instructed in Egypt.” Plutarch confirms this by saying: “Most of the precepts he taught he copied from the Egyptian hieroglyphic texts.”

Ancient historians say he did not delineate from his 22 years of study in Egypt. The Western World credits him for this knowledge because he brought it to them, not because he created it.

But we shedding the truth here.

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